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​ We are a creative company with a vision towards the future seeking to meet the strictest demands for communication and information within the context of interpersonal relations that characterize today's world. From this perspective, our objective is to reach the highest level of satisfaction from our customers, as evidenced by the results we have obtained since our company was founded by the demand of the new millennium. 
The professionalism of our staff has allowed our productions to be successful in global markets such as the United States, Mexico, Central America, South America and Europe. Based on this success, the corporate staff at Doral Studios Inc. d/b/a RC Television, seeks the company`s expansion and for that purpose, would like to count with your valuable support as one of our company`s future clients and friends. With this in mind, we invite you to enjoy our digital Network and it’s web components accepting our professional services supported by our technical and creative capacity.   
​From its authentic creation, a win-win platform was established addressed to its employees, members, and investors, in which Doral Studios provides creative and technical support to operate with their creativity talents, giving them the opportunity to excel in today's world. 
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